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Our company is situated in Liling city of eastern Hunan province, one of China’s several renowned “porcelain centers”, specialized in the manufacturing and trading of household porcelain ware and porcelain premium items.

We have established a manufacturing base with state-of-the-art production facilities covering an area of more than 5,000m, nestling within it our headquarter office building with more than 1,300m in floor area. Steeped in traditions but bold in embracing modern ideas, we have over the years linked up with other mega factories to exchange technical knowhow and forge strategic partnership, an unthinkable undertaking in an industry as old as this. This results in technical refinement and gives birth to the broad categorization of our four distinct series of products, namely Low-Temperature red Glaze, stoneware, High White porcelain and Magnesia porcelain, with myriad shapes in thousands of glazed finishing available for choice. We are dedicated to an unusual craft too, that sets us apart from the other also-rans: the research and development of porcelain-based advertising materials. With their chromatic vibrancy and design rarity. Our China Red, Imperial Gold and Apple G products have elicited an almost cult-like following the world over, with ever-increasing demand from laymen and connoisseurs alike.

Adopting a management style that is both flexible and exacting, and a stringent quality assurance policy, our company has been rewarded with coveted accolades such as ISO9000 Certification, SEDEX and BSCI, FDA-CNCA Certification, and General Mills Global Factory Assessment Report. Among the more illustrious names that count as our long-term partners are international luminaries like Unilever, Nestlé, Ovaltine and Kraft, an envied standing that reflects an absolute and uncompromising commitment to our core values: respect for time-honoured tradition, quest for technical innovation and safeguard of business integrity. We sincerely and earnestly extend our invitation to work with any company to the betterment of all. We firmly believe that established names will find the collaboration adding to their value while fledgling ambitions will find in us the needed catalyst, in the form of top quality products at affordable prices, to propel them from oblivion to recognition.
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Shochiku has released a memorial box set dedicated to one of its most woefully neglected modern directors -- Jun Ichikawa -- who died much too young a little more than a year ago.

The set contains 4 older films Bu-su, Kaisha Monogatari: Memories of You, Tsugumi and Tokyo Lullaby. It also has his last two films both shot on HD video -- Buy a Suit a short feature and Tokyo Rendering Kashu vignettes of Tokyo, sort of out-takes from buy A Suit. These will all be released individually, but the set also had a special disc containing 45 minutes of Jun Ichikawas advertising work some of it utterly inspired and a documentary on the director.

The good news -- the DVDs look quite good Tsugumi and Tokyo Lullaby being huge improvements over the Panorama releases. the bad news -- no subs on anything but Buy A Suit.

Shochiku also released Tokiwa-so no seishun Manga Apartment on DVD along with the box set. Ive yet to watch this DVD the film is an interesting quasi-documentary on one of the most esteemed creators of Japanese manga -- yet never financially very successful.