Hello, my name is Jugg


Staff member
I'm an ambassador of NULS for Singapore, and am also looking to actively build up the Asian community for NULS.

You can see some of the things I have done and attempted to do for the community here:

I also operate the following 2 agent nodes:

I am the creator of this forum, am trying my best to build up activity and excitement over here.

I believe that with some momentum and the upcoming bull market, interest in NULS would boom and this forum would fulfill my vision of becoming a friendly, useful and fun entry point for new member of the NULS community.

In real life, I'm a Singaporean dude who loves technology and business; I'm a digital marketer and father of a very adorable 2-ish-year-old daughter, and I love her to bits. I also love basketball, and play a little bit of DOTA2 in my spare time.

By creating this introduction section on the forum, I hope to get to know more about the people behind the nicknames and avatars of the dear friends I have met in the NULS Community.

Don't be shy, please introduce yourself as well!