How To Make Sense of the "Consensus" Page & Choose Your Node to Stake In


Staff member
At the time of writing, there are currently 79 nodes on the NULS blockchain.

Here’s an orientation on how to make sense of this data.
  • Full nodes with close to 500,000 NULS are relegated to the last pages.
  • Nodes indicated as “Active” have more than 200,000 NULS deposited and are in consensus.
  • Nodes indicated as “Waiting” have less than 200,000 NULS deposited and you will not earn rewards by staking with these nodes.
  • Click on the node to see its credit rating. You will get lesser rewards by staking on nodes with credit less than 1
  • As long as node is “Active” and has full credit rating of 1, you will receive the same rewards regardless of how much the existing deposit is.
Please feel free to add on any additional guidelines!