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Finally, my Ambassador Report for November comes with pictures!

NULS Meetup Singapore

Grateful for the support of venue sponsor Merkle Tree Ventures and the support of awesome partners and fellow crypto enthusiasts! Despite the heavy downpour (a nightmare for meetups) we still managed to achieve a pretty decent turnout, though almost two thirds of signups ended up not showing up :eek:

Have to admit I probably wouldn't make it as a professional emcee lol, but glad that the flow of events went well and the backend organization paid off.

Glad I had the chance to sit down with Liesa (for the first time) and Reaper (again!) for some meals and feel assured that we are in good, capable hands. Their industry insights are interesting, and I received some great suggestions on how I could develop the community in Southeast Asia more by leveraging on my forum + Facebook.

Here are some pictures!

















Bunch of press releases were sent out by our PR partner DIFY; here's one:

Bplus Talk
This is a series of pitches and I might be on the panel of judges for some of their upcoming events; the plan is to get NULS more involved in the local community and hopefully get some of these projects to build on NULS one day.

Bibox Summit Singapore
Went for Bibox' events, got to know some great people, and of course also further explored opportunities for listing on Bibox.

Huobi Global Elites
This is like Huobi's ambassador program. Made friends with a handful of awesome Global Elites, shall explore how to collaborate to bring awareness to NULS. Huobi spends lots of money on outreach to SEA. Binance coming in to Singapore next. Many opportunities to tie up and do collaborations and grow together in my opinion.

Blockchain Innovation Tour
This is a series of pitches from blockchain startups, pretty interesting, chatted with people, and one of the projects is currently building on IBM Hyper Ledger but very open to building on NULS. Shall explore further. Need to learn more on tech side about how we can determine whether projects are a good fit on NULS.

Blockshow Asia
Interestingly the turnout for this event was pretty good even on day 2, in such a bearish market, heartening to see how many buidl-ers there are left in this winter.

Usual chats with fellow crypto enthusiasts, potential projects to incubate, raising awareness of NULS etc.

One thing that caught my eye was these things they had at the entrance of the show :p


Attended a handful of speeches and panels. Very impressed and enlightened about the part by Jason Hsu.



He is an entrepreneur turned legislator, and is deeply knowledgeable about how the world works, and is taking massive steps to help the Taiwanese government embrace technology and progress.

We need more entrepreneurs like him who are not afraid to step into the world of politics despite knowing they could lead similar or even better lives in the private sectors.

Deeply inspired.

NULS Community Forum Update
I have probably been too un-aggressive in promoting this project . Much as I think it's awesome, it's not an "official" forum and by this nature and faces an uphill battle in gaining adoption. is great and much better than previous attempts but I really do think my project could make an impact as well; I shall follow Liesa's advice and use it to build up a community in SEA. Reaper also shared something interesting; that usually projects have more than one forum and I shouldn't "hold back" and be afraid of an "official" forum. Makes sense!

If anyone reading is interested in helping to grow the forum, please reach out, especially if you are from Asia! Happy to give out bounties etc.

In other news, hereby announcing the winners of the first ever NULSCommunityForum giveaway!

Congratulations to Gilgamesh, Nalex, Berzeck, Penny and Jim! 50 NULS going your way!

Thanks again for being early supporters!

The giveaway hasn't created the "viral" effect and participation I was hoping for, but I'm sure we can make it better the next time around!

NULS Unofficial Site
Barely any updates to the site unfortunately, but I'd like to reveal the URL nonetheless, could do wonders for keeping me motivated.

It's going to be at

The idea is that it's going to be a direct-response-style content site featuring convincing copy targeting each of our target segments like investors, developers etc, on why they should be looking at NULS.

There will be a landing page for each target segment, content for which is still being worked on.

Similarly, would appreciate any help from interested parties, bounties available as well!

- Gave away 250 NULS for NULS Community Forum Giveaway
- Attended 5 conferences, and an additional say.. 5 additional separate meetings with potential partners and investors? Actual expenses let's just say $20 per "event"? For petrol and parking? So $200 in total?
- Spent like $50 on business cards
- Misc expenses for paying VA to post NULS Happenings on Telegram channel and on, for working on and for insfrastructure of NULSManifesto and NULSCommunityForum, perhaps $300-$500?

I think I've made it clear that I'm not a fan of doing accounting like this but yea there we go, hopefully things are more transparent this time round.

Probably like 1,500 NULS leftover, and of course I didn't sell any of my NULS to "fund" any of the above expenses.

I am still a huge fan of NULS and would love to carrying on doing what I can to help the project in between my busy schedule, but I have to say that from the time I ran for ambassador, I have already expected that one day the scrutiny from the community would start becoming a little too much to bear.

I am always on the lookout for people who are suitable to take over as Ambassador so please do feel free to hit me up if you are interested to carry the baton and I shall offer my full support. In the meantime, I am going to carry on doing everything I can, chugging along to make progress on everything I've been doing, and hopefully make progress on biz dev matters, hold more meetups etc as well.

Suggestions for Existing Ambassador Program

I think about NULS issues alot, and I think it's interesting that the Ambassador program draws alot of parallels with the Government of Singapore. This could easily turn into an essay but I shall keep my thoughts brief and give my 2 NULS on the current ironies of the program as it is.

1a. People who have the ability to make major impact for NULS have way better avenues to make more money than taking on a "public" and "community" role and getting criticized by the community. An ambassador role is a labour of love, imo.

1b. The Singapore government faces challenges getting top talent into the cabinet. Not because there is no talent in Singapore, but because top talents could easily get top positions in MNC's, big corporations, where they can enjoy large salaries and the freedom to buy whatever they want with it. In contrast, while ministers are well-paid, they are paid less than corporate head honchos and they are always under public scrutiny, and god forbid a minister ever decides to buy a lambo.

2. Requiring accountability for a free-reign program like this has irony in it. I've talked to many people about NULS, way more than I can or desire to list here. If I just said I "talked to people" the community could demand to know "WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW" etc. At the same time, it is creepy IMO to put up people's business cards and divulge what we discussed etc. I mean I would be pissed to appear on someone's "progress report" about plans for my project etc.

3. NULS Community is great. But 95% only care about price appreciation, and they want it right now. Sorry, I meant they wanted it yesterday. Effective community voting might happen, but not in the here and now. A fantastic idea too early is like a Palm Pilot, like an Apple Lisa, like one of the many ride-hailing apps before Uber that happened before internet connectivity became ubiquitous. Community is great, but meaningful votes are simply too difficult to achieve right now.

IMO, we need oversight from core team, community leaders need to be in incubation mode right now and work hand in hand with core team.

4. Allowing Ambassadors to make decisions on funds, yet allowing the entire community free reign to ridicule, criticize and judge, is a difficult situation to manage. Accountability is required yes, but it's important to realize that under the current structure, ambassadors are not employees, but yet are judged like employees.

That said, I've thought long and hard about how this program can be improved and have offered up my suggestions here; basically, it's a proposal on rebranding the program and splitting up the existing program into 2 different roles, and refining the selection process:

Hopefully my suggestions could contain some new ideas and we could all brainstorm how we could make the entire ecosystem better for NULS!
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